Domains and the internet are a complex system but simple once understood.  There are a few main components to understand.

  • Domains are bought and registered at a registrar.  The cost is yearly to maintain usually around $10 to $20 per year depending on which registrar and what extension (.com, .net, ...etc.)
  • Nameservers are records that tell where the DNS is located.  They look like,
  • DNS (Domain Name System) are records that tell the internet where the website is hosted, where to route emails, and many other records that may be needed.
  • DNS can be hosted at your registrar, or where your website is hosted, or where your email is hosted, or a third party
  • Host or "A" records in the DNS tell where the website is hosted by an IP address like

For us to migrate your website to our hosting service we will send the information for where your DNS is hosted and what we need to change the A record IP address to.  Once complete you'll be able to cancel your old hosting service.